Johan Leenders

I am musician, composer and arranger. I studied piano at the music academy and have a university diploma in audio and video engineering. I am sound designer, do live sound, I produce music, I make films and have worked as a sound engineer at a main theatre.

I am doing all this and more and yet there is something all my projects in all their variety have in common. And that is my own artistic trademark and my ambition to always get to the best possible result, artistically as well as technically. No matter if I write the music for a theater play, play a jazz concert, film a documentary or mix a live show – to me every project, every task is always a new and unique artistic and technical challenge that requires its own special approach.

On these sites you will find some acoustic and visual examples of my projects so far. The links below provide you with my vita and musical as well as audio and video references. Here you can find some photos of me. If you are interested in me or one of my projects, please contact me via the form on the contact page or mail to info@johanleenders.de.