Die elektronische Gesundheitskarte (2006) - The logo of the documentary designed by Andrew Mottl

The documentary "Die elektronische Gesundheitskarte - Konzept oder Lösung" was filmed in 2006 as part of my studies in audio and video engineering. The film takes a critical look at the concepts behind the new healthcare card and shows the problems with the contents and the fields of application that were then planned for the card.

Documentary - 20 min - PAL 4:3

Director, Editor and Sound Mixer: Johan Leenders
Cinematography: Caroline Bergmann, Jana Langenbruch, Jörg Plewe, Andrew Mottl, Johan Leenders
Sound: Andrew Mottl, Jana Langenbruch, Caroline Bergmann
Music and Animation: Andrew Mottl
Voice Talent: Till Firit

You can watch the whole documentary here in two parts:

Die elektronische Gesundheitskarte - Part 1

Die elektronische Gesundheitskarte - Part 2