Knolls Computerklasse - Still frame from the second part "Die BRDF"

"Knolls Computerklasse" is a three part video series that explains the basic principles of lighting in 3D animation in a humorous way. It was the practical part of Matthias Parchettka's diploma thesis, who did not only write and direct the scenes but also did all the modeling and animation. We were very lucky to get actor Stefan Fredrich involved in the project as the voice of “Professor Knoll”.

As I was responsible for all of the sound and music of the project, I could pursue a closed sound concept right from the recording of the voice talent while still retaining the characteristic features of the different videos. The main concept of for example the background music was that of classical educational tv shows.


Part 1 - Lokale Beleuchtungsmodelle

The most interesting part here was the design of the space- and dimensionless "lightrix".

Part 2 - Die BRDF

Here the central part was the creation of a living, breathing doglike lamp.

Part 3 - Die Rendergleichung

In this part the acoustic seperation of the normal classroom from Professor Socke's cellar was the most important task.