Fun and Energy

Grateful and Spirit of Joy - A concert of both choirs on October 13th, 2013 conducted by Angelika Rehaag. On the sax: Jerry Bruker ©

My personal relationship with gospel up to 2011 was problematic. On the one hand you had those great american choirs and composers, on the other all those well ment but mostly bad approaches of german choirs, wanting to sing "something with groove".

In the summer of 2011 I found out that you can do a lot more, when I met Angelika Rehaag. She manages to achieve the sound and energy of a black gospel choir with german amateurs, intentionally without the use of any sheets. If you hear people shouting instead of singing softly, if you see how all the energy and the message of praise and worship translates to the audience, which dances, shouts and cheers together with the singers, you realise, what gospel in Germany can be.

Since the beginning of 2012 I've been accompanying Angelika's choirs "Sweet Chariot", "Spirit of Joy", "Grateful", "Light of Life", "Wave of Joy" as well as the "gospel family of christ" and have been playing as a pianist on gospel workshops, and I still get surprised and excited by the fun and energy that spread from this music.

All of this led to me taking over the choir "Mustard Seed Faith" in Aachen as a leader in 2017 with which we always try to convey this energy and fun in each and every concert.

You can find links to the choirs and Angelika Rehaag on my link-page.