Our generation

Jeder für Sich (2009) - A scene with Constanze Passin

"Jeder für Sich" (Each for his own) is a 75 minute interview film from 2009, that was my final exam piece in visual art during my studies. The film takes a look at the generation of people between 20 and 35, at their sufferings, fears, hopes and dreams and seeks for a general feeling about life this generation has in common. People of different age tell us about how it feels to live today, in a time of omnipresent media and economical insecurity. Is this a time where a feeling of generational unity can be formed or does everyone have to depend on himself?

Interview film - 75 min - PAL 16:9

Directors:  Philip und Johan Leenders
Cinematography and Editing:  Johan Leenders
Lighting:  Christian Schmidt
Sound:  Andrew Mottl
Music:  Philip und Johan Leenders
Actress:  Constanze Passin

Here's an 18 minute excerpt from the start of the film: