Jazz in your face

Johan Leenders Trio - Max Hilpert, Johan Leenders, Johannes von Barsewisch. Photo: Lucas Grey

How do you describe a group that enables you to accomplish music you've been carrying around your whole life? For me it is simply a privilege to have found such great musicians, Johannes von Barsewisch and Max Hilpert, with whom I can not only expand the spectrum of my own music but also finally play that music which was with me since I got my first McCoy Tyner CD at the age of 6.

Extremly energetic music with strong influence from fusion and latin; Jazz, that not only addresses your mind but also your body, that can rock and groove and still demands high levels of musicality and communication from the musicians. Simply awesome music.

The "Johan Leenders Trio" consists of:
Johan Leenders (piano)
Johannes von Barsewisch (bass)
Max Hilpert (drums)

For further info visit our facebook page:

And here are a couple of videos of us:

Johan Leenders Trio - Senor Carlos

Johan Leenders Trio - Mousetime