The Joy of Jazz

Jon Boutin Allstars - Lukas Baumgart (squatting), Johan Leenders, Johannes von Barsewisch, Jon Boutin. Photo by Anh Binh

The music that we create with the "Jon Boutin Allstars" is actually something special in contemporary Jazz. Even though we are all studied Jazz musicians, we don't indulge in barely comprehensible virtuosity but create enjoyable music that makes you tap your foot. With our roots in Old School Jazz and maybe a wink or two we present Jon's songs in a way that both we and the audience can enjoy.

The "Jon Boutin Allstars" are:
Jon Boutin (vocals, trumpet)
Johan Leenders (piano)
Johannes von Barsewisch (bass)
Lukas Baumgart (drums)

For further info about Jon Boutin please visit his website.

The following three demos were recorded live at the studio near the end of 2014.

What I Do

Facebook Lullaby

Where's The Fire