Leenders - The Band

Leenders - Cover of our CD "Alabasta Music" (2012)

My brother and I make music together ever since we founded our first band at the age of 14, respectively 12. Concerning creativity and musical quality there is no one but Philip with whom I share such a deep mutual understanding. At the same time we are quite different characters with different approaches to music, so that our musical cooperation is full of change, variety and musical friction. The album „Alabasta Music“ of our current band „Leenders“ shows our uncompromising approach to musical styles and norms probably better than any of our earlier works. Music you can listen to, groove along with, immerse yourself in.

„Alabasta Music“ was released by Timezone Records in September 2012 and can be purchased at online and music download stores such as Amazon or iTunes.

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Leenders - Shine On (Rehearsal)

And here a little sneak peak into us preparing some new stuff for our concerts in 2016.