Leenders - Hipster video

Out latest piece just went online. It's called hipster and that's what it's about. See it here and share it with everyone.

"Garten Eden" wins integration award

We just won the Düsseldorf integration award with our production "Garten Eden" at the Junges Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf. We are all very proud and happy. Today was our last show but one. Tomorrow at 19:00 you can see this awesome piece for one last time (with my music in it).

"Sex in Paris, Texas" News

Today we finally worked on some new tunes with "Sex in Paris, Texas". After a super sexy and productive day we left with 6 new pieces done. Something to look forward to.

No news at all?

It's already september and there have been no news since January? Did Johan stop working? Quite the contrary. There was so much to do until the summer that I couldn't find time to update the website. But it's gonna get better, I promise. In the meantime check the dates site for upcoming gigs, shows etc..

Opening night "Die Kleinbürgerhochzeit"

This Saturday we finally opened with "Die Kleinbürgerhochzeit" at the Central, where the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus will reside for the upcoming years. I have the honor of taking part on stage. It proved to be a tremendously funny evening with lots of music and esprit. Come and see us! Dates and tickets can be found here.

Video Leenders - "Shine On"

It just went online. Our small rehearsal video of our new song "Shine On". More songs are coming up, live concerts coming in March. Stay tuned!


Yesterday saw this season's first show of Hassenichgesehn#Jetzterstrecht. It was blast and a superb success as always. If you didn't see it, you weren't there. Next one on Oktober the 23rd!

Leopath Cat 49 - Live

This evening there is going to be a live performance of Leopath's song "Cat 49" at the Atelier Padao, Hüttenstraße 34 as part of Düsseldorfer Kunstpunkte. You can also get a first peak at the video for that song that I had the privilege to cut. Be there and enjoy!

Leenders is back!

After about two years of no news at all we're finally going ahead with Leenders, a project that is very dear to me. Just now I finished an intense week with my brother Philip where we finished new songs that we are finally going to play live in 2016. Demos and a new website are also coming up. Stay tuned.

Video premiere "Nachmittag im Mai"

It has arrived! Our new video of Sex in Paris Texas' "Nachmittag im Mai" is out. For now you can watch it here on prettyinnoise. Other sites and platforms are coming up. Enjoy!