Opening night "Kreise/Visionen"

It was not an easy birth, but finally our child is here, and it has turned out to be beautiful. Thanks a lot to all the people involved for the successful opening night of "Kreise/Visionen" on saturday and most of all thanks to our director Hans-Ulrich Becker. I'm so proud to place my music at the disposal of such and admirable ensemble and such a great theater piece. Now go out and see it, at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus.

DATE | Concert "Sex in Paris Texas"

Time: Friday, 16.01.2015, 20:30

Place: FFT, Jahnstraße 3, Düsseldorf

Album release concert for our first album "Alles und die Tauben"

Album Release

Today we, the band "Sex in Paris, Texas" released our first album "Alles und die Tauben" on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music etc.. We're mighty proud and want to invite everyone to our release concert at the FFT in Düsseldorf of January 16th.

Rehearsals starting for "Kreise/Visionen"

Today we start with the rehearsals of Hans-Ulrichs Becker's take on Pommerat's piece "Kreise/Visionen" at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. I'm fortunate enough to be the musician of this awesome production. The opening night will be on February 7th, 2015 at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus.

DATE | Concert "Jon Boutin Allstars"

Time: Saturday, 08.11.2104, 20:45

Place: Forum, Agam-Saal, Am Büchelter Hof 9, Leverkusen

DATE | Concert "Johan Leenders Trio"

Time: Thursday, 30.10.2014, 19:30

Place: Köln Ehrenfeld

Closed event, please apply for adress and visit via

"Johan Leenders Trio": videos and facebook

There is a lot going on with the "Johan Leenders Trio". The videos of our concert at the Herr Nilsson are online. You can watch then here on my website or on our new facebook page. Check them out! They came out great.

DATE | Concert "Johan Leenders Trio"

Time: Sunday, 19.10.2014, 19:30

Place: Bürogemeinschaft Möller/von Zedtwitz, Meister-Gerhard-Straße 8, Köln

Closed event, please apply via

DATE | Concert "Sex in Paris Texas"

Time: Saturday, 27.09.2014, 17:15

Place: ZAKK, Fichtenstraße 40, Düsseldorf

Concert as part of the music trade show "New Düsseldorf Pop" on the Club Stage

DATE | Matinée "Heinrich Heine Salon"

Time: Sunday, 14.09.2014, 11:00

Place: ZAKK, Fichtenstraße 40, Düsseldorf

Matinée about the cultural reception of mass murderer Peter Kürten ("The vampire of Düsseldorf")