Photo session with the "Jon Boutin Allstars"

A big thanks to Anh Binh for today's great photo session with the "Jon Boutin Allstars" in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. Check out the finished pictures in a couple of weeks here on my site.

Schauspielhaus officially conquered!

Yesterday I managed to take over the whole Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus with my music. The Junges Schauspielhaus was showing "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" with my music in it, at the Kleines Haus they played "The Maids", also with music by me, and at the Großes Haus I played Friederike Bernhard's wonderful music for "The Gambler" on stage. A truly surreal moment... :-)

Gospel workshop in Pfalzdorf

Yesterday's concert was the final point of a truly great workshop. For three days at the side of Angelika Rehaag I was allowed to witness how you prepare a complete concert over just one weekend without any sheets and rock that church. And all of this "at home" in the Niederrhein region. Looking forward to next year.

Article in the Coolibri

In this March's issue of the Coolibri there is an article about my work on theater music. You can find a copy of it here on my website. Thanks a lot to Nadine Beneke for our great interview and an even better article.

"Jon Boutin Allstars" LIVE at the Jazz Schmiede

Today I will be playing the session opner at the Jazz Schmiede Düsseldorf with our now complete quartett, the "Jon Boutin Allstars". Come and see and join us in the following jam session.

JAUST Recordings

A long weekend of recording lies behind me (at least). Yesterday we did sax and trombone for "Tiefenrausch", today was all about my string- and woodwindarrangement for "Still". A thousand thanks to all the great musicians involved. Check out JAUST on facebook.

Video Shoot "Sex in Paris, Texas"

Now I'm off to our first day of shooting for the upcoming music video of Marian Kindermann's band "Sex in Paris, Texas", that I am very glad to be a part of. Some original singer/songwriter stuff with great lyrics and a lot of openness and live feeling. Check us out on facebook.

Bye Bye FH Big Band

The concert at the Theater Duisburg we just played marks the end of my time as the piano player of the FH Big Band. I look back on 8 years of great music and wish you guys all the best for the future. Now I'm up with some new projects. You can look forward to a lot of things, also on this website.

Premiere "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"

And another wonderful piece! Yesterday's premiere of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" was phenomenally good. My compliments go the the actors, most of all Jonas Anders and to our director Wera Mahne. And a huge thanks to our sound guys Christian Kreymborg and Stefan Friedrich who created some truly great sound with a lot of personal effort against a stupidly tight time schedule. Talk about 130 cues for 80 minutes of music. Definitely a must see and must hear!

Premiere "Momo"

And another christmas piece is out. The day before yesterday was our opening night for "Momo". Now that we have also had our first performance in front of kids I must say: It's well received. Working together with Torben Kärst was a pleasure as always as was the collaboration with musician Bernd Keul. Now December holds the usual marathon of double performances on a (nerly) daily basis.