My inner sound

In a lot of ways I think of my soloist play as the most personal approach to my instrument. Without the „protection“ of a band of fellow musicians you are forced to show your person and feelings more clearly and become open and fragile but also more deep, natural and free. This openness is what I always try to incorporate into my play, to capture the moment but also show a piece of myself in every piece I play.


One of my own pieces, recorded for my candidature for the Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition 2011.

Fly With The Wind

Live recording of a concert in the Sonic Yard studio Düsseldorf from 2010. The piece is by McCoy Tyner, whose way of playing the piano has had maybe the greatest influence on my own play.

From Within

This piece by Michel Camilo, whose music is an important part of my solo work since 2011, was also recorded for my Montreux 2011 application.

Tifa's Theme

Home recording of the piano version of "Tifa's Theme" from the video game "Final Fantasy VII", composed by Nobuo Uematsu.