Easiness and depth

Sex in Paris, Texas - Johan Leenders, Marian Kindermann, Martin Leenders, Peter Fuchs © Simon Hegenberg

When Marian approached me in early 2013 with the first couple of songs, just to see if we could get them working, probably both of us couldn't imagine what our project would become. "Sex in Paris, Texas", a full-fledged band with a CD out to buy, a setlist worth at least two albums, a small but growing fanbase and concerts all over Germany.

Of course our music plays the main part in this. That special mixture of depth and wit, deep lyrics and easy performance, content to think about and music to have fun.

Paris, Texas - a place right in the middle of nowhere in Texas, where no one of us has ever been.

"Sex in Paris, Texas" are:
Marian Kindermann (songwriter, lyrics, guitar, vocals)
Johan Leenders (piano, vocals)
Martin Leenders (drums, vocals)
Peter Fuchs (guitar, vocals)
Daniel Brandl (cello)

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And here is our video of "Nachmittag im Mai":