Sound and music for the stage

Theatre sound is a lot more than just setting up a sound system and choosing the right tracks of music. Working closely together with the director and the other members of the creative team you - not only as a musician but also as a sound designer and sound engineer - can have an essential contribution to the artistic statement and the plot of the piece. The acoustic picture that you present has a fundamentally deep influence on how the audience will perceive the play. To achieve this it is not only important to concern yourself deeply with the play itself and the acoustics of the stage design but also and most of all to work together with the actors and the director on an artistic level to acoustically form the show together.



203 - Gunther Eckes, Pierre Siegenthaler, Karin Pfammatter, Viola Pobitschka. © Sebastian Hoppe

The play “203” by Juli Zeh takes place in a fattening factory. But in this one you do not find animals that are prepared for consumption; you find convicted criminals being fattened by managers and dignitaries for their upcoming banquets. Without a chance to escape their cruel fate, the protagonists in room 203 flee into a pseudo reality in which everyone of them plays the part of a family member in an story. While in all other cells the people degrade to something like an animal form of life, the inmates of room 203 stay quiet and keep a small rest of human nature until the inevitable end.

Director: Hans-Ulrich Becker, Stage Design: Alexander Müller-Elmau, Costume Design: Werner Fritz, Dramatic Advisor: Chrsitina Zintl
World premiere at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, 22.04.2011

In my sound design I tried to combine the harshness of the reality of the scene with a sarcastic and surreal exaggeration. I did not intend to stylise but to work things out exceptionally clearly. The following sound file is a collage of some of the sounds that were used in the show.