The book

Sound für Videospiele (2012) - Cover of the book, released by Schüren Verlag Marburg

Video games are a central and influential part of the media landscape today and stand toe to toe with TV and film regarding market value as well as artistic value. But because of their interactive and nonlinear nature and their central purpose of being fun, video games demand a completely different artistic and technical work approach. In my book “Sound für Videospiele” (Sound for Video Games) I try to show these unique requirements and show, how different the work on sound and music for games is. The book was released by Schüren Verlag Marburg and can be bought in bookstores and Online Stores all over Germany.

Dancing Game

The dancing game “Quallo” was designed for the trade fair “boot” in 2005. The control interface was a couch equipped with MIDI controllers on which you hopped to the left and to the right in reaction to music and arrows on screen to make a little jellyfish dance and score points. Project leader was Falk Grieffenhagen and it was an early model for his later promotion tool Dr. Couch.

In my musical concept it was my main attempt to take up the visual theme of the underwater world of Quallo and integrate it into a dynamic musical system. A central element was the creation of a drumset based on water bubble sounds. At the same time I tried to emphasise the trashy low-budget style of the project by the simplicity of the electronic instruments I used. Different difficulty levels, win and lose cues were realised by different tempi and musical styles.

Quallo - Miscallaneous Music